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Desert camp in Jaisalmer

Camping scene of India has picked up recently. Jaisalmer is indeed a trekker’s paradise.
Have dreams of staying in luxurious tented accommodations? Then Karni desert camp in Jaisalmer will be your ultimate indulgence. Camping here is an experience of a lifetime. Sam Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer is the idyllic location to set off for the Desert Safari and camp is located here already so you can start it without wasting your valuable time to travel between locations.
The super luxurious camp, set on around 20 acres of desert scrub in the Great Thar Desert, with comfortable well decorated tents is an attraction in itself. The location of the camp is superb. Musical and dance activity organised in every evening.
Karni Desert Camp is a spotless gateway for travelers who need to spend an occasion far from the boisterous roads of the city and appreciate the well-known desert safari of Jaisalmer.
Every tent has also toilets and hot water shower inside to allow you to take your shower without ge…